Hello, my name is Pedro Duque Vieira. I’m a software engineer who is particularly interested in user interfaces/RIA. Recently I’ve started to venture as a freelancer.

I have a master degree in computer science. Have a 8 years experience building user Interfaces in various technologies and on that time I have also been self learning design.

As an hobby I’m currently developing “Modellus X” – http://modellus.co/, a free software for modelling physics and mathematics using javafx and swing.

Made contributions to JFxtras – JXScene for javafx1.2 and javafx1.3 and JMetro for javafx 2 and 8. Also some other hobby projects like FXCharts, FXValidation and FXRibbon.

My email contact, my twitter account and linkedin.

Feel free to contact me about work proposals/job offerings I’ll offer a price that’s unbeatable for a  very high quality work.


james weaverJava/JavaFX/IoT developer, author and speaker at Oracle (worked together at Jfxtras)

James Weaver

“Pedro has been a pioneer in rich-client Java for quite some time… Pedro has been a contributor to the JFXtras project, where he developed the JXScene component for integrating Swing and JavaFX in earlier versions of JavaFX.”

DanielCTO at SYNCTHINK (was a client)

Daniel Beeler

“I can recommend Pedro without hesitation. He was a critical asset for our development team, implementing our GUI precisely to spec. He is expert in JavaFX and contributed significantly towards backend architecture. Metascrape was a unique, demanding application, and Pedro got it done.”

MichaelCTO at Tapenten Agentur (was a client)

Michael König

“Pedro is a very experienced JavaFX developer, during the project he demonstrated several times a deep knowledge of software development. He was instrumental for the success of the project.”

RuiDevelopment Manager at Medialog Europa, Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) (was a client)

Rui Rosa Mendes

“Pedro is an experient web developer with great sensibility for design and user experience.”

Joao PauloEntrepeneur (was a client)

João Paulo Duque Vieira

“Pedro is a tremendous software developer and an entusiast of great design. It puts everything on every project. You can see that he really loves what he does.
I have hired Pedro for remote developments also, with excelent results. He not only gets things done, he also suggests changes to improve the projects he works on.
I would recommend Pedro any time as a team member of a software development project remote or local.”


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  1. Hi, can u please share your toggle switch code or send me a link , I tried hard to develop but unable to give a look and same working,, pls help

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